1. All about discipline: According to my latest research, there are millions of books, pamphlets and articles on the subject of child discipline. There are lots of books and articles out there on this particular topic (discipline) with kinds of name, such as “Behavior Modification”, “Ways to Discipline a Child”, “All About Parenting” or some approach that says, “This Is the Best Way to Discipline Your Child”. That’s why this article is different from any other and I enthusiastically recommend it to every parent.

2. Understand what discipline is?: Understanding the true nature of discipline. I ask, what is discipline? Discipline is teaching, it’s the process of teaching that goes on all the time. When we discipline our children, we are teaching them two things that I want you to understand well, (i) To avoid undesirable behavior and (ii) To use desirable behavior, these are the two things, and very few people see this clearly. Agree with me that discipline is teaching? Yes it is. I will this medium to tell you that in discipline it is wrong to use one approach to discipline a child or children. Remember “that your child or any other child is truly unique, born with combination of genes and a biological temperament different from those of any other child in your family, or indeed any child anywhere”. So, using one approach will not work at all time with a child or all children, you must have a tailor-made approach to fit the uniqueness of a child or any child. That’s the reason discipline is teaching.

3. What you should know on/about discipline: Firstly, it is important to take the age of the child into consideration or account, because has they grow their, character, thinking ability and every thing about them change or move up with their growth. Am sure, you do not teach desirable behavior to a two-year-old or three-year-old in the same way you teach an eight-year-old. Secondly, this is on you (the parent) feeling comfortable on the way you’re handling problems with your children. What I mean is, you must feel comfortable with the way you’re handling situation or problems when it comes to discipline or parenting a child or children. It must suit you.

Lastly, have explain this before, but I will put more allt om böcker light on it, this is for the parents who do feel comfortable with one approach when it comes to discipline. A word from an expert says “A particular approach works best when dealing with a specific situation”, but will it work when dealing with another situation entirely? Definitely not! You ask why?, okay, what will work for parent Smith might not work for parent Anderson, because of his own personality or the way his parent raised him and the discipline or approach that works on Peter might not work on Johnson, because of their genes and biological temperament.

So, I repeat “using one approach will not work at all time, when it comes to discipline”. I believe a new approach to discipline or parenting is needed, and this article will give it in the following ways. (i) This article will teach or show you kinds of approach to discipline and how to use these different strategies. (ii) How to discipline your child from infancy to adulthood and (iii) How to find the right strategy or approach that will suit you comfortably.

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