In a world that is always trying to be greener with its energy usage, it has been announced that homes in Sweden are being heated with incinerated rabbits at a local heating plant. For many, this is one form of central heating that just goes too far.

Central heating is a must for all of us, and it has long been apparent that we need to find a greener way to produce heat and energy. However, one has to question if the news from Sweden shows that the obsession with being green is just going too far.

Biofuel Bunnies

The news reports that the rabbits have been nicknamed “Biofuel Bunnies” and 3,000 of them were culled in 2009 to provide green energy to Swedish homes. The rabbits are frozen and then sent to the heating plant where they are incinerated. The result? Homes stay nice and warm…and perhaps with the slight smell of burning bunny too.

It is unlikely that the US or UK would Nyheter i Sverige have to resort to such drastic action in the name of being green, and there would likely be an uproar if pet lovers knew that rabbits were being culled and then placed in an incinerator so that homes could be heated. The central heating that the UK has is always sparking anger from homeowners that are struggling to pay the rising energy costs and fuel bills, but it is safe to assume that the majority of those genuinely struggling to afford the bills would rather continue scraping by than have to know that dead rabbits are the energy source in their home. In fact, with this Swedish news surfacing, it could make UK homeowners slightly more grateful of the fact they have accessible central heating and they can feel confident that they are keeping green in other ways. From recycling to turning off light switches, there have been a number of UK campaigns to reinforce the importance of being energy efficient and working together to create a much ‘greener’ community.

Safe For Now

It is reported that animal rights activists are very unhappy that rabbits are being used for energy purposes, and with the US and UK being two nations of pet lovers, it is predicted that the same would happen over here. So, for now, UK citizens can rest assured that their central heating isn’t the source of burning bunny, although people might question if something like this could happen on a worldwide scale.

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