Everyone loves to flaunt their artistic capabilities and like people to notice their hidden talent, be it in the form of water color paintings they have created with the brush or have embroidered some sort of unique stitch patterns on canvas. Needlepoint is indeed an age-old craft which is being carried from generations by grandparents, parents and their children. To carry on with the legacy of creating unique needlepoint designs and patterns it is now being offered in the form of needlepoint gear assembled in a convenient kit.

The best thing about needlepoint kits is it carries all the necessary supplies along with user-friendly working instructions that teach novice as well as the experienced ones how to embellish materials to make unique and decorative articles. The entire craft of embroidering and creating new patterns and designs is just like an addiction and once you get started with it you will definitely love the designs on the hand printed canvas and will be itching to pick up the needle every-time you get a chance to do it.

There are wide varieties of needlepoint patterns available on the market. One of these patterns is provided in the form of hand-printed canvas. It is regarded as one of the most popular from of needlepoint canvas in North America. The design pattern is printed onto the canvas either by silk screening or computer. These canvases can either be bought separately in the form of kits or they are often available with the kit.

When it comes to the needlepoint designs, there are n number of websites that carry a vastly collection of free Needlepoint designs. One of these designs is famously known as Trianglepoint. It is considered as one of the most unique forms of embroidery where a series of equilateral triangles are crafted in various colors I order to create various types of geometric designs, three-dimensional designs or pictures. This design is the brain child of needlepoint designer Sherlee Lantz. The entire design pattern is easy to perform and with the help of it you can also combine all the triangles together so as to create unique patterns and designs such as hexagons, diamonds and parallelograms.

Counted thread embroidery is another design in which wide variety of patters are crafted by making stitches over a pre-determined number of threads in the foundation fabric. This design in particular can easily be worked out on an even-weave foundation fabric such as embroidery canvas. However it can also be done on other materials such as Aida cloth, specially woven cotton, linen fabrics as well as non-even-weave linen.

Lastly, cross-stitch embroidery design is another form which is usually done from a pattern known as a chart. It is available in various kits which carry recommended fabric, different colors of thread as well as embellishments. Especially in Europe and America, there are numerous cross-stitch designers who are famous for providing a wide ranging cross-stitch designs and patterns. These designers also have their own websites featuring their collections. With the invention of cross-stitch design computer software the entire scenario has changed and has become common amongst many hobby embroiderers.

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